Contact Organisers

The 2014 organisers are members of the Lancashire Word writing group – John Rutter, Tim Gavell, Heather Carey, Jon Pountney, Pervin Hussain & Hayley Noble.

To contact us, please leave a comment below – we won’t publish personal enquiries.


14 thoughts on “Contact Organisers”

  1. Hi there,
    I just wondered if you had an email address for contact purposes?

  2. Hi Stephen,
    At the moment the best way to contact us is to leave a message on the comments as you have done, until we have an email address – we won’t publish personal enquiries of course!
    best wishes,

    Jane Brunning

  3. I’ve just bought my ticket for ‘The Word’ & would like to express my interest in a slot at the open mic.


    Sal Page

  4. Great! Thank you.


  5. Hi, I’d like an Open Mic slot please.


    Glenis Stott

  6. mediafluff said:


    Are there still Open Mic spots available for the 2013 event?



  7. Hi – I’m a bit disappointed I’ve only just found The Word – and consequently the festival! I belong to a writers’ group in Lancashire and it’s my job to alert them to events like this! Oh well, I know you’re here now and won’t make that mistake again. Incidentally, a shout out – or ‘word’ if you will, on your ‘writers’ groups’ list would be very much appreciated. We are called Creative Mind Writers, based at Bolton Arts Studios, Horwich, BL6 7JH. The group has been active since 2006. We meet weekly on Thursdays at 10am and are a diverse (in the best possible way) and friendly bunch, with some very talented members.
    Hope the festival is a big success.
    Cheers, Michelle (

    • Nice to meet you. Still some places left for tomorrow’s event. Tell your members to come down to Chorley – still a few tickets left – and pay on the door.

  8. Hi – thanks for letting me know; I’ve passed on the details to the guys at the group!

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